Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today in Insanity! UFO's?!

So, today I did two workouts. It was "Pure Cardio", and "Cardio Abs". I must say, that these destroyed me. XD I cannot explain how tired I was afterwords, but me napping for an hour afterwards might give you an idea. The real point of this post is perhaps start a discussion on this.Mainstream UFO Coverage!
I was completely freaked out after I watched this video. I know a UFO does not mean Extra Terrestrial beings, but this made me believe in them. I am now a firm believer. What do you guys link?


  1. i always believed in it...deep inside xD

    somehow, we all do, but we're kinda scared to even think about it

  2. Good luck on your work outs phil!

  3. Very interesting topic indeed. Just wish there was a definite answer!

  4. An hour nap turned you into a firm believer? blimey if only everything was that easy