Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I've been away! D:

How was everyone's Easter? Mine was pretty good. I finished my traffic school for the ticket I got, I was doing 73 in a 45, lol. A quick question, are you of you into Post-hardcore, like Asking Alexandria?

Anyway! I was thinking for this blog post I self review Asking Alexandria's new album, "Reckless and Relentless". Let's get started!
1 - "Welcome" Length: 1:49.  I LOVE this introduction the album. The buildup for it is fantastic, and unleashes a completely different sound than what I was use to from them as a band. I give the song an 9/10, just because they had changed so much since the last album.
2. - "Dear Insanity" Length: 3:10.  If you listen to the lyrics of the song, it is actually very touching. Danny's new voice is finally released in track numero dos. I was so pleased when there wasn't any AutoTune. :D 7/10
3 - "Closure" Length: 3:58.  A true rock and roll song. The chorus to this song is SO catchy. 9/10.
4 - "A Lesson Never Learned" Length: 3:55.  I like to think of this song, as when he was writing, was rock bottom. He obviously was going through a rough time, and poured himself into this song. He brought his true character, the one he masks on the interior. 10/10 (Also, the chorus is also insanely catchy)
5 - "To The Stage" Length: 3:31.  I can't really explain this song, all I know is I love it! It's definitely my favorite song off of the album. It will also be the first song off of the album that they're doing a video for. I can't wait! 10/10
6 - "Dedication" Length: 1:03.  Similar to the track "Hiatus" off of their last album, Stand Up and Scream. This track, however, is not trance. It is an actor, speaking. 6/10.
7 - "Someone, Somewhere" Length: 3:37.  The "softest" track on the album, but terrific nonetheless. Danny's singing really, really come through on this song. Also, the acoustic version is amazing. 8/10
8 - "Breathless" Length: 4:10.  I really do not like this song, it's the only track on the album I do not like. 4/10
9 - "The Match" Length: 4:16. I love the meaning behind this song. (Well, what I think it means anyway) 8/10
10 - "Another Bottle Down" Length: 3:34. This is more of the "rock bottom" of the album. You can tell he was dealing with being an alcoholic, and that really affected the song. 8/10
11 - "Reckless and Relentless" Length: 4:08. The most "rock and roll" track. The guitar isn't metal at all, it gives off sort of an 80's feel to it. I love it. 9/10
12 - "Morte Et Dabo" Length: 5:15. The, hands down, heaviest song on the album. Best song on the album, too. 10/10

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today in Insanity! UFO's?!

So, today I did two workouts. It was "Pure Cardio", and "Cardio Abs". I must say, that these destroyed me. XD I cannot explain how tired I was afterwords, but me napping for an hour afterwards might give you an idea. The real point of this post is perhaps start a discussion on this.Mainstream UFO Coverage!
I was completely freaked out after I watched this video. I know a UFO does not mean Extra Terrestrial beings, but this made me believe in them. I am now a firm believer. What do you guys link?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My First "Fit Test" for Insanity (Results)

My Results for my first fit test for the workout program "Insanity" are as follows:

Switch Kicks 5
Power Jacks 24
Power Knees 43
Power Jumps 14
Globe Jumps 6
Suicide Jumps 2
Push-Up Jacks 7
Low Plank Oblique 13     

I'll vouch for the program and say that this what not easy, whatsoever. :P
However, I do feel it will greatly improve my health. I started on April 18th, and I will finish on June 19th. After I finish, I'm going to wait one week, the repeat the program, just for more results. :D
I'll also be doing other small things on my blog, such as updates on my W.O.W and Runescape accounts, and a possible review on the new Mortal Kombat that was released the day I am writing this blog.

Happy Blogging!